JIST Trucking Escort Service

JIST Trucking - Escort Service

975 CREOLA AXIS LP RD N -    AXIS, AL 36505

    (251) 232-1440        Fax (888)407-6372      

                                                                 Need a Escort?  
We are your Oversize Load Escort Service. Call us anytime for all of your Pilot Car and Escort needs.       

                                   Call Us Today with Your Escort Needs (251) 232-1440     

Providing your company knowledgeable, reliable and courteous service, for the safe and professional movement of your Oversize loads.     We look forward to serving you and all your Escort Needs!       .

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  • Ricky - I used JIST Trucking Pilot Service and was very happy with the escort. They knew what they were doing and even saved me a ticket for not having my equipment on correctedly - I would recommend
  • Oscar - JIST Trucking is the only escort service I will call - there when you need them and know their stuff.

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1.  How far do you go out? 

      We will normally travel the Southest but can assist with WHEREVER   you are needing to go.

2.  Are you competitive in price?

        We consider ourselves very fair on pricing.

3.   Do your trucks have all the required equipment? 


4.  Are you certified to go into Florida?



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